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Ph.D. and M.S. Students

Ph.D. Students:

  1. M. Tajdari, Computer Aided Simulation of Cold Roll Forming of Symmetrical Noncircular Open Sections, Isfahan Univ. of Tech., 1999.
  2. M. Foroutan, Three Dimensional Analysis of Planar Anisotropic Sheet Metal Stretching by the F.E.M., Isfahan Univ. of Tech, 2000.
  3. H. Dalayeli, Prediction of Stresses during Bulk Metal Forming by the Finite Element Method based on Flow Formulation, Isfahan Univ. of Tech., 2004.
  4. M. Salmani Tehrani, Analysis of Cold Roll Forming of General Shapes by the Finite Element Method, Isfahan Univ. of Tech., 2005.
  5. A. Ghasemi, Elasto-plastic numerical solution of Kirichhoff theory on the basis of thin Cosserat surface, Isfahan Univ. of Tech. (April 2010).
  6. M. Ghandom-kaar, Analyses of metal forming processes by the explicit meshless methods, Isfahan Univ. of Tech. (Jan. 2013).
  7. H. Dibajian, A of probabilistic view on meshless methods, Isfahan Univ. of Tech. (In Progress).
  8. M. Safari, Laser assisted incremental sheet metal forming, Isfahan Univ. of Tech. (In Progress).
  9. M. Rasuli, Improvement of forming conditions in spinning process by the application of ultrasonic vibrations, Isfahan Univ. of Tech. (Feb. 2013).
  10. F. Ahmadi, Effect of ultrasonic vibrations on Nano-structured metals obtained by ECAP process, Isfahan Univ. of Tech. (In Progress).
  11. R. Jafari, Development of Micro-Structural Constitutive Models for various metal crystals, Isfahan Univ. of Tech. (Nov. 2012).


M.S. Students:

  1. B. Soltani, Analysis the ring compression test by the Finite Element Method, Oct. 1991, (I.U.T).
  2. G. Reza Zadeh, An Investigation into Extrusion of Plastics and Polymers, May 1992, (I.U.T).
  3. H.Moslemi Naiini, CAD of Rolls for Cold Roll Forming of circular sections, July 1993, (Tarbiat Modarres Tehran).
  4. J. Imaani, Prediction of Instability encountered in Sheet Metal Forming, July 1993, (I.U.T).
  5. A. R. Madineh, Computer Aided Design of Rolls for Cold Roll Forming of Simple Noncircular Sections, Dec. 1993, (I.U.T).
  6. M. Foroutan, Limiting Factors Encountered in Sheet Metal Stamping Processes, July 1994, (I.U.T).
  7. M.R. Shariati, Analysis Sheet Metal Forming Processes by the F.E.M., July 1994, (I.U.T).
  8. M. R. Ashraf, Prediction of Wrinkling during Deep Drawing Process, July 1994, (I.U.T).
  9. M.Sharif Ahmadian, Analysis Deep Drawing process over Tractrix Dies, July 1995, (I.U.T).
  10. M. Raampanahi, Design and Manufacturing Method of a High-Pressure Thick Toroidal Tube, July 1995, (I.U.T).
  11. M. Azari, Analysis of Different Standard Tests for Evaluating Formability of Sheet Metals, July 1995, (I.U.T).
  12. A. Shirvani, Diagnostics of Defects Encountered in Bulk Hot Metal Forming, July 1995, (I.U.T).
  13. M. Bardosamay, Comparison of Different Manufacturing Methods for Production of Thick Walled Cylindrical Vessels, July 1996, (I.U.T).
  14. M. Ali Akbarian, Fundamentals of Cold Roll Forming of Channel Sections, July 1996, (I.U.T).
  15. S. Hekmatian, Evaluation of Punch Force during Plane Strain Bending of Sections with Multibends, Dec. 1997, (I.U.T).
  16. K. Mahdioun, Fundamentals of Fine Blanking Tools Design and Manufacture, Dec.1998, (I.U.T).
  17. A.Azarhoosh, An Introduction to technology of Cold Extrusion of steel, May 1998, (I.U.T).
  18. F. H. Abotalebi, Finite Element Analysis of Backward Cold Extrusion of Steel, Dec.1998, (I.U.T).
  19. M.Kamaali, An Investigation into Fluid Assisted Deep Drawing Processes, Jan.1999, (I.U.T).
  20. M. Salmani, Prediction of Buckling Limit Encountered in CRF of Open Sections by the FEM, Dec. 1999, (I.U.T).
  21. A. R. Shamshiri, Rapid Prototyping Methods and Equipment, July 1999, (I.U.T).
  22. M. J. Tabatabaian, Analysis of a compound complex elastic structure by the F.E.M., Jan. 2000, (I.U.T).
  23. M. Navarchian, An Investigation into spinning and flow turning of sheet metal parts, Dec. 2001, (I.U.T).
  24. M. R. Vaziri, Determination of bending effects during sheet metal forming by the F.E.M., Dec. 2001, (I.U.T).
  25. M. Ajoodaanian, Design and manufacture of a 2D transfer system. 2005, (I.U.T).
  26. E. Shahaabi, Warm Gas-Pressure (WGP) forming of aluminum sheet materials with non-uniform temperature distribution for automotive industry, (I.U.T), in progress.
  27. M. Sohaan-kaar, Analysis of push bending process of circular tubes, (I.U.T), in progress.
  28. S. H. Dibaajiyaan, Analysis of solid mechanics problems by combining MLPG and Kreiging methods, (I.U.T), in progress.
  29. M. Mahdiyeh, Weight reduction of exhaust manifolds by the tube hydro-forming method,   (I.U.T), in progress.
  30. H. Javaani, Analysis of Fine Blanking process using Gurson and shear criteria, (I.U.T), in progress.
  31. E. Ahmadi, Analysis of spring back in creep-age forming process, (I.U.T), in progress.
  32. H. Montazer, Micro sheet metal forming using high pressure exploded gas, (I.U.T), in progress.
  33. FR. Ahmadi, Analysis of induction bending of large diameter tubes, (I.U.T), in progress.

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